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The Kopenhagen Classic is a quality bike that is manufactured in a lightWEIGHT steel frame. The steel pipes are assembled in beautiful and classic way that make the bike stronger and very beautiful to look at.

Bike frames with luggs have been built in Europe for more than 100 years and this craft tradition is one of the cornerstones of Velorbis’ classic bike program. This is how to build a quality cycle.

The Kopenhagen model is our bid for a ‘classic’ men’s / lady’s bike and the model  goes under many different names. It is called an everyday bike, a commuter bike, a city bike, a grandfather / grandmother bicycle (omafiets / opafiets), dutch style bike, a retro bike or a tourist bike. With its timeless design, it still resembles the bikes that were designed and manufactured in the 1900s – it runs significantly better and is much easier than the old bikes.

This Danish-designed and German-produced quality bike is equipped with a wide range of components that can be used for everyday use and rustproof against the sometimes harsh Scandinavian weather.

Particularly with all Velorbis classic bicycles is the upright and comfortable driving position, which is a major advantage for the bike’s driving characteristics. Typically, the Kopenhagen classic bike is for short trips (up to 30-40 km/h) and transportation to-and-from work, to the fun in the woods, to the business meeting or on a cafe-visit with friends!

The size and position of the height of the handle bar relative to the saddle prevent you from leaning over the frame when cycling, as with ordinary city bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes. You relax completely in the back, shoulders and forearms when riding in an upright position, while at the same time viewing traffic,  relaxing and 100% driving pleasure while cycling. Simply simple – a classic fun, funky, trendy and nostalgic bike at the same time ideal for intensive use – especially urban use.

Kopenhagen Classic comes with 1, 3 or 7 enclosed Shimano Nexus gears .

If you also cycle a lot during the winter or after the sun has set and want integrated light, you can add our Sturmey Archer dynamo hub driven built-in light system in the front wheel. It powers both front and rear lamps and has a parking light, so that the bicycle still lights at full stop.

Maintenance free

Enclosing the gears inside the hub protects you and your bicycle from all types of weather, hence they involve much lower maintenance than the derailleur systems found on most bikes. Another advantage of internal gears is that they are very simple on the outside and come with a chain guard. This is a much cleaner option allowing you to ride in any clothing you choose rather than having to wear specialist cycle gear. Drum brakes in front wheel prevent that brakes must be adjusted regularly. Puncture protection in all tires allows you to roll easily and prevents unpleasant punctures.


Velorbis – Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark and manufactured in our factory in Germany.

Gents – 28″/50cm, 28″/57cm, 28″/61cm

Ladies – 26″/45, 28″/50cm, 28″/60cm

Available in 203 colour combinaitons

Steel, Uni Crown

Alloy Silver 1″

Cartridge Sealed Bearings (BSA)

44T Steel/Alloy

Alloy Rim, Double Wall

Alloy Rim, Double Wall


Available with Shimano Nexus Single Speed, 3 Speed or 7 speed

Front 2mm Stainless, Rear 2,34 mm Stainless

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus Reflex 47 mm

Available colours: Black, creme or brown tires


High rise handlebar Stainless

CAT Silver/Stainless 60×300 mm

Optional rubber or leather grips in various colours


Sturmey Archer Drumbrake FD

Pedal brake (coaster brake)

Galvanized steel with mud flap holes

Velorbis leather in 3 optional colours

Painted, Alloy

KMC Z510XRB, rust protected

Axa Solid, black

Doublekickstand Hebie

Wittkop Big Gel Seat or Brooks B67s in optional colours

Optional – Galvanized steel tube carrier with side holder for bags

Sturmey Archer hubdynamo, LED Chrome front lamp w/ parklight, Pixeo LED rear lamp w/ Parklight