When you custom build your new designercycle from Velorbis you can add an electric motor on (almost) all of our 17 Velorbis bicycle models. Just add the e-motor in our bicycle configuration tool, or click on one of the e-bike designs above. Our E-bikes all come with pedal-assist only and are are usually called pedelecs. See below under specifications for more details about motor, battery etc.


Maintenance free

Enclosing the gears inside the hub protects you and your bicycle from all types of weather, hence they involve much lower maintenance than the derailleur systems found on most bikes. Another advantage of internal gears is that they are very simple on the outside and come with a chain guard. This is a much cleaner option allowing you to ride in any clothing you choose rather than having to wear specialist cycle gear. Drum brakes in front wheel prevent that brakes must be adjusted regularly. Puncture protection in all tires allows you to roll easily and prevents unpleasant punctures.



Electric motor (250W) with 9 Ah Li-on battery in leather bag attached to the sadle pole.

Electric motor (250W) with 12 Ah Li-on battery on e-bike rear carrier


The battery indicator is integrated

in the LED display on the handlebar. On the display you can see the approximate battery level.

Please note that the battery level may vary depending on whether

you drive uphill or downhill.


The assist-function has 5 setting options. By pressing the up/ down button you may choose the appropriate assist level.

The Breeze model also has a “walk assist” feature. By pressing the “6 km/h” button on the display, this feature allows you to drive up to 6 km per hour without activating the pedals – regard-less of the setting of the assistant level.

The motor will disconnect at a speed of 24.6 km/h.


The auxiliary engine works as follows:

When the pedals are activated a sensor sends a signal to the electronic controller which then starts the motor.

The power of the auxiliary engine is adjusted according to the chosen assist level. During the ride you may adjust the assist level according to actual need.

If you drive uphill you may apply full power whereas when you go downhill you may disconnect the motor.

The electronic controller will automatically disconnect the motor when you stop pedaling. Likewise the controller will disconnect the motor when your speed exceeds 24.6 km/h.


The Velorbis electric e-bike uses maintenance-free Panasonic Li-ION batteries. The charging capacity of the battery is only 40% when delivered from Velorbis. Before commissioning it is therefore necessary to charge the battery to full capacity using the enclosed battery charger (Green diode is on).

In order to achieve maximum battery life and range of the e-bike we recommend that charging takes place in a heated room. By temperatures below 20ºC prolonged charging time must be expected, with the result that charging of the battery to full capacity cannot take place which again leads to reduced driving range.

The battery life will normally allow charging/discharging up to 600 times.

Other parameters of major importance for the performance/ range are user weight, driving manners, terrain, surface and tire pressure. The user himself/herself may also influence the performance/range depending on how much pedal power is used.

The battery should then be removed from the charger and charging to full capacity should take place once a month (full charge = green diode on charger is on).