In an ideal world, all cities would be full of smooth tarmac bike paths where we could glide effortlessly around without a bump or lump whereas, in reality, a cyclist faces cobbles, potholes, rocky roads and stoney country paths.  To easy your journey, why not invest in a Velorbis women’s balloon bike?  Naturally, it is stylish and beautifully designed like all our bikes but the iconic 60mm wide tyres mean that you almost float through the city, buoyed up on a cushion of air that gives you optimal suspension and a very comfortable ride.  Originally designed for bad weather, balloon bikes used to be heavy and cumbersome but luckily new technology has changed all that and now they are as light and easy as a normal bike (just easier on your behind!)

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All our bikes have the advantage of great Danish design but when it comes to the finishing details, we like you to have a say in it too.  Use our Design Your Bike tool and make the final decision of many of the component parts in your bike so you get something that really fits your life and your personality.  From frame size and saddle to bells, lights and luggage racks, you can mix and match to get a truly bespoke balloon bike.  And when it comes to colour, we really push the boat out!  Choose from over 200 different shades – including metallics such as copper and chrome – and mix and match to make something totally unique.  If your bike is for a company, there is also the opportunity of adding billboards and your own logo so you can advertise as you pedal!


Your balloon bike will already stand out from the crowd because of its great styling and iconic bouncy tyres but its good to know that you are doing your bit for the environment too.  We make all our bikes by hand in Germany using a socket-assembly method – a traditional form of manufacture that requires skill and time but results in a frame that is significantly stronger than mass produced ones.  This means the bike has a much longer lifespan – up to 3 times that of a normal cycle – meaning we avoid the throwaway culture of cheap production.

Another advantage of producing in Germany is that our factories are within easy reach.  We can keep a watchful eye on everything from worker conditions to the quality of raw materials and then, because our bikes only travel a short distance to their final owner, they have a much smaller carbon footprint than those that have to be transported half way across the world.

Choose a balloon bike to fly through the city with ease and comfort!