Having company ebikes  says a lot about a business. Whether you are delivering goods, encouraging healthy behavior in your staff or even a hotel wanting their guests to explore the local area, having a ebike with your logo on it spreads the word.  Many of our ebikes styles – classic city ebikes, racing ebikes or even delivery ebikes can incorporate a sign making it a traveling billboard.  Seeing them zip around town will get you noticed and give out just the right signals about your brand’s positive attitude towards style and sustainability.

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Design to fit your brand

As all Velorbis ebikes are hand made to order so it makes it easy to design something that represents your business.  Use our easy ‘Design your Bicycle’ function to piece together everything from frame and tyres to handlebars, saddle and lights, exactly the way you want it.  Then, with over 200 different colours to choose from you are sure to find a shade that matches your branding.  As a final finishing touch, get a sign plate printed with your company logo – no one can fail to miss you now!

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

Unlike many ebike companies, we don’t mass produce in the Far East but instead have opted to have all our cycles hand made in Germany.  Not only does this mean we have much sturdier frames that last up to 3 times longer than cheap ones but we also support a long tradition of skilled craftsmen who use experience, patience and talent to create something that is truly of the highest quality.  So no land-fill, just a good, solid – and undeniably stylish! – ebike that says all the right things about your company.  Plus the shorter transportation distances due to us keeping production local reduces our carbon footprint.  Good to know that you are a company that cares!