Now you can try Mads Mikkelsen’s bike – and get a cold Carlsberg pilsner at Velorbis when you return

Carlsberg and Velorbis bikes have entered into a partnership where anyone over 18 can rent an original Velorbis-Carlsberg bike at the Velorbis Flagship store, and when the bike is returned, an ice cold Carlsberg is ready as a well deserved end to the cycling trip in Copenhagen.

Link to Carlsberg Press Release

Actor Mads Mikkelsen’s bike in Carlsberg’s new film about Denmark and the Danes has been the subject of great interest since the campaign “The Danish Way” was launched last year.

When Carlsberg launched “The Danish Way”, the goal was to revive and position Carlsberg in Britain. But the campaign and main role holder, Mads Mikkelsen, who plays the role of a modern Danish philosopher, took most of Carlsberg’s markets by storm, and the campaign is now underway in most of Carlsberg’s markets. In Denmark, the plan is to make Mads Mikkelsen’s magical bike tours for the Danes and tourists visiting Copenhagen this summer.

“A lot of people have seen Mads Mikkelsen cycle around Copenhagen, while telling us about our traditions and the close connection between Carlsberg and Danes and Denmark. That’s why we went along with Velorbis, so Danes and tourists have the opportunity to experience the city from the cycle path, and finish the trip with a nice cold Carlsberg, like Mads Mikkelsen. We do this to illustrate that the Danes have a tradition of cycling and leaving the car and enjoying a cold pilsner. It is precisely The Danish Way, “says Jeppe Boel, Marketing Director of Carlsberg in Denmark.

The first two films with Mads Mikkelsen are built on small details, which Denmark and Carlsberg are known for abroad. The first film is about what makes the Danes one of the happiest people in the world, and the other film is about Denmark’s tradition of sharing. Mads Mikkelsen cycles in both films around Copenhagen to illustrate the Danish tradition of cycling.

According to the Transportvane survey from May 2018, Denmark’s use of the bicycle is a far more central part of the overall transport image than elsewhere in the world. As an average over the period 2014-17, Danes aged 10-84 will make 0.46 bicycle trips per day, with an average length of 3.46 km. Also included is bicycle to / from public transport and commercial use of the bicycle, the total bicycle distance is 1.63 km per day. Carlsberg has contributed to the commercial use of the bicycle. Since Carlsberg launched its global sustainability program Together Towards ZERO in May 2017, the green Mads Mikkelsen cycles from Velorbis have been completed so all employees can easily ride out for meetings outside the city and be completely CO2 neutral.

“The Danish Way is to make a difference in everyday life and do it together. Most of us preferably take the bike, and we show it in the movies with Mads Mikkelsen. It is in line with the Carlsberg Group’s goal of reducing our CO2 emissions to zero from all our breweries by 2030 and using only 100% renewable energy by 2022. It really is about thinking new ways and cooperation with Velorbis is a concrete example of how we can deal with this issue with consumers, “says Jeppe Boel, Marketing Director of Carlsberg in Denmark.

This is not the first time Carlsberg collaborates with Velorbis. In connection with its 170th anniversary last year, Carlsberg launched the world’s first bar powered by a wind turbine, but when it’s windy, the bar can keep the pilsner cold using an integrated Velorbis bike that users can cycle on to generate power for the bar .

Velorbis Concept Store is located at Frederiksborggade 31 in Copenhagen.

“The Danish Way” is created with Fold7 and the bike campaign is made with Yellow.