VeloCast review of Velorbis Churchill Balloon

Check out the latest review, pics and podcast of the Velorbis Churchill Balloon gents bike on VeloCast

Scott; one of the VeloCasters took our regally funky gents model for a spin in beautiful Scotland: “But all the talk of the smooth ride, the hand built frame, or the intelligent use of components really doesn’t sum up the feeling you get from riding this bike.  Velorbis have managed to do that rarest of things: create a bike that is greater than the sum of its parts.  The experience of riding the Churchill Balloon just makes you happy.  Happy to be out in the fresh air and happy to be on this bike.  Suddenly all is well with the world and you find yourself smiling.”


Churchill Balloon was also a topic point in VeloCast’s Episode 59 podcast where the team were joined by Jeff Helfand from The team also discussed bike sharing schemes with a difference, Lance Armstrong’s mind games and other cycling-related news.

Thanks to Scott and John for the rave reviews.   
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