Velorbis and chic cycling style in Ireland

Velorbis recently took part at the Cycle Chic Fashion Show at Cork City Hall, Ireland; the event where cycling, fashion and design were entwined as one concept.

The Cycle Chic Fashion Show, held annually during Design Week in Ireland, effectively showcased cycling culture and highlighted just how practical, green and affordable cycling is as a green transportation option. It reflected the spirit and street style from the cycling capitals of the world such as Copenhagen where cycling is an integrated part of everyday life and an essential accessory for contemporary, healthy living.  

On display was a selection of Velorbis bicycle treats: our fire-engine red Dannebrog classic ladies bikefunky Scrap Deluxe ladies bicycle and oururban retro Churchill Balloon gents bike with brown Fat Frank tyres. 

The influence and popularity of chilled-out cycle culture, carbon conscious travel and urban commuting is growing amongst the environmentally aware, fashion-forward people of Ireland. Velorbis is catering for this demand by linking up with Thinkbike, the new Velorbis dealer in Dublin, Ireland.  

Thanks to the Cycle Chic Fashion Show for a great event. Welcome on board Thinkbike!

Below are some photos from the event…