Velorbis bikes becoming even more popular in North America


We spotted this good article – “Going Dutch” by Cycle and Style, the online women’s magazine bringing together cycling, style and health.

The article talks about how Dutch-style bicycles from Europe, such as Velorbis, are making an impact across the ‘pond’ and are fast becoming a high trend must-have item with a core following by style savvy, health conscious consumers. 

“The bicycles put their riders in the kind sitting-up-straight position that your mother taught you was best. It is an elegant position—a way to survey the streetscape around you in comfort. A girl can easily wear high heels, a dress and a past-the-knees coat as she pedals off to work, to school or to the café down the street for lunch with friends.”

The article also talks about the number of classic bike stockists which are rising up throughout the US and Canada, in particular Copenhagen Cyclery, the European upright bike specialist and Velorbis dealer in Chicago.

This increase in availability means that it’s now even easier in North America to enjoy a Velorbis “’Copenhagen Chic’ look that will have you commuting in style”, such as with the Velorbis Victoria Classic or Dannebrog retro ladies bikes that are included in the article.

Read the Cycle and Style “Going Dutch” article in full here.