Velorbis featured in the magazine Aalto Leaders’ Insight 2014 – A business case about Velorbis before, today and in the future by journalist Annukka Oksanen.

The article takes the reader on a journey as it tells the story of two men starting their own bicycle business named Velorbis.

As you read the pages, you will get to learn about two men, Kenneth Bødiker and Christian Linde, and their dream to start their own business, while they are working at Deloitte in London. On July 7, 2005, three bombs explodes in different parts of London. Many people is now scared to take public transportation and business people starts biking to work in their suits. Hereafter Kenneth Bødiker and Christian Linde decide to pursue their dream and design exclusive bicycles that match stylish business people.

As the two men embark on their journey, they discover that the search in locating a manufacturer that can make quality bicycles is going to be much more difficult than expected. In the quest to find a manufacturer meeting their standards, Kenneth Bødiker and Christian Linde come across a family-owned German manufacturer. The two partners decide to start a cooperation with the German manufacturer that delivers bikes with a lugged and brazed stainless steel bicycle frame. This was ideal as Kenneth Bødiker and Christian Linde were looking for bicycles of a high standard as it should be possible for Danes to bike in all kind of weather.

Today, Velorbis’ Concept store is located in Copenhagen and the bikes are manufactured in Germany. Velorbis has 72 retailers in 16 different countries, selling bikes, accessories, eye ware, clothing and bags. The increased awareness of the products Velorbis also leads attention to Danish design, fashion, and quality, and Velorbis is ready to enter new markets when the occasion arises.

Read the article here and learn more about the Velorbis adventure.