When The Guardian met Velorbis Victoria Balloon



We have received this fantastic review by Helen Pidd in The Guardian UK, who has been cycling around her new home town of Berlin on one of our effortlessly chic Velorbis Victoria Balloon bicycles.

Chic cosmopolitan cycling is also popular in Berlin, and as with many beautiful European cities, navigating the cobble stones (whether in stilettos or on two wheels) can be tricky. This is where balloon tyres come in handy. It’s like having the comfort of a pair of cool trainers on, while the overall look is pure city slick.

In the article ‘On the road: Velorbis Victoria Balloon’, our bicycle is described as “a real beauty” with “tyres as fat as three bratwursts, which not only make light work of all lumps and bumps, but are also too wide to get stuck in the tramlines that criss-cross the former east of my new city.”

The Velorbis Victoria Balloon bicycle is designed to be ultra-weather friendly. The Guardian journalist Helen Pidd says: “It’s both beautiful and indestructible. If you are forced to keep your poor bike out in the cold, this is a model that says, ‘It’s OK, don’t worry about me.'”

For all gents out there, the Velorbis Victoria Balloon also has a partner in crime: the Velorbis Churchill Balloon bicycle.

To read The Guardian article ‘On the road: Velorbis Victoria Balloon’ in full, click here.