1,000.00 kr.

Cykelhjelm i kunstlæder, Toffee

  • Eksklusivt Læder-look
  • Sublim Pasform
  • EN Godkendt Til Elcykler
  • Let At Betjene Med Èn Hånd
  • Dansk Design

Denne stilfulde lysebrune cykelhjelm, designet i Danmark, kombinerer stærk ABS-struktur og fint syet vegansk læder for optimal sikkerhed og æstetik. Godkendt til både almindelige cykler og elcykler, opfylder den både EN cykelhjelmstandard og High-Speed 45km/t standarden. Hjelmen har et tysk-produceret magnetisk FidLock-spænde, som gør den nem at betjene med én hånd. Den vejer kun 475 gram (54-58cm) eller 520 gram (58-61cm) og giver en fremragende beskyttelse samt en perfekt pasform.

Best Choice of Bike Velorbis

Designed for those of you aren’t interested in joining the slow bicycle movement, yet are still looking for some seriously stylish wheels. Get to your destination faster, and in uncompromising style. Velorbis’sporty model is called Arrow and by changing the stem and handlebars to a more upright position we have made the Arrow Classic. This is the ideal second bike for fashion–forward urban commuters who need a chic and lightweight bike for small trips where time is crucial. It is also the perfect accompaniment to Velorbis’ main range of classic comfort bicycles.

Focus on Quality

Our German production site, and a flexible and market-leading supplier base, enables us to offer ‘best in class’ bicycles that are nothing less than the highest quality on the market today. We use premium components sourced in Europe such as BROOKS (saddles), Sturmey Archer (front hubs), Schwalbe (tires), BOMI (rear carriers and wood crates) and Bush & Müller (lights). All of our low-maintenance, upright comfort bicycles are specially built to resist the tough Scandinavian weather where snow, frost, and salt constantly threaten to attack every component of the bicycle. Manufacturing our traditionally lugged and brazed handmade frames at our German factory, enables us to reduce lead times and gives us added flexibility to constantly monitor and optimize our quality control process.

Crafted by hand

Our bicycles are hand made in Germany by skilled craftspeople using only high-quality frames.


Extended warranty on our frames and forks comes as standard. Satisfaction guaranteed

Flawless design

We embody Danish design. Simplicity, stylish and no compromise on quality from our in-house design team

Custom made

We custom make every bicycle to order from billions of combinations. Show your uniqueness

Global shipping

We deliver all over the world direct to your doorstep. If your country is not listed, simply contact us for a quote