Velorbis & New Zealand’s urban cycling movement


beautiful Velorbis Victoria Classic ladies bicycle was used to illustrate “Opinion: Back on the Chain Gang”; an article by John Landrigan on 1st September in The Aucklander, known as the ‘voice’ of Auckland’s everyday people.


The article discusses urban cycling in central Auckland, notably the difference and benefits between cycling on busy roads vs. cruising on designated cycle paths. A significant investment into urban cycling infrastructure, a la Copenhagen, is a positive and realistic way to encourage more people to cycle. 

Photographed in the article is Pippa Coom with her Velorbis Victoria Classic bicycle. She is a member of Cycle Action Auckland, who “cycles every day on her classic step-through bike imported from Copenhagen – a land where bikes are king” according to author John Landrigan. Photograph by Steven McNicholl.

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