Velorbis puts the fun back into transportation with Mobii


Meet the dynamic, multi-functional and premium quality Mobii tricycle hand-built in Denmark.

Reflecting the cool, calm and collected Danish cycling culture; the Mobii trike also provides a green alternative for family and small business transportation.

For parents, you now have a conscience-friendly incentive to leave the ‘gas guzzler’ or ‘Chelsea tractor’ in the garage. Mobii offers a safe, versatile and fun transport option with which to do the school run and local shopping. There is ample space within the carrier box with seat belts to fasten small children securely and safely.

Velorbis Mobii is not only a beautifully designed trike; it is also robust, flexible and stylish. 

Businesses can also take advantage of the Mobii tricycle as a cargo bike for delivery services. The Mobii trike has a cargo load capacity of up to 100 kg in addition to the cyclist’s WEIGHT, making it a significant mobile storage room.

As Velorbis is well-known for impeccable styling, our Mobii tricycles are not mass-producedEach Mobii trike is exclusively designed and can be customised to reflect your personality or brand image. We have collaborated with a design agency and have formulated a range of complementary colour and print combinations. You can simply choose the colour of the frame and carrier box and also the carrier box print.

For those who want to take it extra easy, a fully motorised e-trike version of the Velorbis Mobii is also available. For further information



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