ARROW CLASSIC Damecykel med el

Sporty, stylish and just that little bit faster, the Arrow Classic Ladies e-bike has everything! Zoom past the other commuters or just get a little bit of extra help on the hills with a bike that looks as good as it performs

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The Joy of Cycling

The Arrow Classic Ladies e-bike is a sporty mean machine with serious good looks, making it the best urban ride you will find.

  • The 100% upright riding position means no stress on lower back or shoulders – it’s as comfortable as sitting in a chair!
  • The powerful Pendix centre motor gives you extra speed or a bit of help when going uphill or against the wind.
  • The light-weight lugged steel frame comes in three sizes – 50/55/60 cm – so you can choose what fits your height perf
  • A sprung real leather Velorbis saddle in a choice of two colours will gradually mould itself to your own shape giving the most perfect seat. Alternatively, a gel saddle in black or brown has a natural softness to give a great ride.
  • Top quality Schwalbe tyres are a slimline 37 mm wide to give less contact with the road and so more speed. They come in a choice of brown, cream or black.
  • The frame, fork, chain guards and wheel rims can be coloured to your own specification from a choice of over 200 shades.
  • Unlike most traditional bikes, we make our frames from strong but lightweight Chromoly steel meaning that the bike weighs only 14 kg (without extras) making it much easier to manoeuvre.

Superb Functionality

Good looks are important but we also want your bike to work in all conditions!

  • Shimano Nexus gears are internal and therefore low maintenance as protected from the elements and are available in 1, 3 and 7 speed. The 7 gear bikes have an option of either pedal brakes or handlebar brakes.
  • Depending on what you generally need to carry, there are luggage options of steel rear carrier with bag hook, exclusive front wooden tray, wooden crate (shallow or deep) or different baskets so your shopping, briefcase or gym kit can be carried with ease.
  • A chain cover and stainless steel mud guards mean you arrive at your destination free from splashes, oil or dirt from the road.
  • The Arrow Classic Ladies e-bike is compatible with a Yepp child seat to carry the little one with you.
  • The single kick-stand gives your bike stability when parked but is lightweight.
  • The tyres use anti-puncture technology.
  • High quality components means a long and low maintenance life for your bike.

Safety First!

If you’re going fast, safety is even more important.  This is how we can help getting you to your destination in one piece.

  • The upright seating position gives you a great view of your surroundings and the other traffic on the road.
  • The bike comes with the options of dynamo or battery powered front and rear lights.
  • A shiny silver M-Wave bell is included.
  • The bike comes with an Axa Defender integrated frame lock with key

Added Extras

If you have a business and want to make your bike a mobile billboard, why not add a logo plate above the back wheel?  Check out the different options available.