ELECTRIFIED Kopenhagen Classic – One fast lady

Our Kopenhagen Classic vintage style ladies ebike takes its curvilinear shape from the subtle, smooth lines of the female form.

A beautiful and traditional Dutch-style ebike with a timeless, traditional aesthetic and flawless build quality, Kopenhagen Classic is solid, durable, and reliable with an exceptionally versatile load-carrying capability. It has lightweight alloy rims and stainless spokes and is fully equipped with a luxurious optional Brooks brown leather saddle, leather handle grips, and leather mud flap.

Additional features include a chain guard, enclosed 3W dynamo driven headlamp and dynamo driven rear lamp, integrated frame lock, double kickstand, and traditional style 80 mm ding dong bell. The Velorbis steel rear carrier has an innovative hook on the side so that you can carry laptop bags, gym bags or grocery bags on the side of your electric bicycle. When you place your bag handles over the hook and bring down the spring-loaded top flap, a special locking mechanism ensures that your items are securely held in place when cycling.

Are you looking for a large and spacious bicycle basket? A D-shaped basket from Velorbis that weighs no more than 2 kg and can withstand a cargo load of up to an incredible 40 kg. The bicycle basket is Velorbis’ own design and made of aluminum and has an exclusive wooden base. Even if it is loaded with a heavy load, your ebike remains easy to balance. The secret to our easy to steer basket is the fact that it is attached to the frame and not the handlebars, so it does not move when you turn the handlebars.

Kopenhagen Classic electric cycle is the perfect marriage of retro styling and contemporary functionality and can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday life. This bicycle can also be purchased as a normal non-electric version.

German Powerhouse

Our electric motor is from German Pendix. The eDrive is a motor powerhouse of the new generation. With 65 Nm torque the new motor is stronger but also smarter. In order to achieve these innovations, the mechanics and firmware in the motor have been significantly enhanced. The Pendix engineers have succeeded in increasing the proportion of active material in the electric machine by sophisticated adaptation of the stator design, thus increasing the maximum torque. The Pendix.bike PRO app completes the smart Pendix system.

For the optimal support you have the choice between two battery sizes in combination with the Pendix eDrive. Choose the ideal size for your tours, the small ePower300 for the way to work or the large ePower500 for a biketour. A later additional purchase is also possible without problems.

Enclosed hub gears
Enclosing the gears protects you and your bicycle from all types of weather, hence they involve much lower maintenance than the derailleur systems found on most bikes. Another advantage of internal gears is that they are very simple on the outside and come with a chain guard. This is a much cleaner option allowing you to ride in any clothing you choose rather than having to wear specialist cycle gear.

Upright ebike comfort
Our Kopenhagen Classic Dutch-style ebike comes with a traditionally lugged and brazed hand built frame, which ensures a relaxed and ultra posture-friendly cycling experience at all times – widely referred to as sit-up-and-beg style. This gives a high vantage point from which you can view the traffic, as well as making it easy to look behind you and soak in all of the sights and sounds of your surroundings as you cycle past.

Design flexibility
We offer our Kopenhagen Classic commuter ebike with two different wheel size options depending on your choice of frame size to ensure the correct proportions and optimal cycling experience. If you order the 20″/51cm frame it comes with a set of 26″ wheels; and if you choose the larger 22″/56cm model it automatically comes with proportionally correct 700C (28″) wheels. We are the only bicycle manufacturer that produces bicycles with this frame/wheel size flexibility.

Continental bicycle manufacturers have a history of producing 28″/700C sized wheels for all their classic bicycles and normally their frame sizes start at 22″/56cm. British bicycle manufacturers have a history of producing 26″ bicycle wheels for all their models. We offer both.

Another characteristic feature of the Kopenhagen Classic ladies cycle is our flexibility in equipping bicycles with either freewheel/drum brake hubs which are popular worldwide, or coaster brakes/pedal brake hubs which are predominantly associated with Dutch-style bicycles from Holland, Northern Europe, and Scandinavia.

In the beginning, Dutch-style ebikes were ‘born’ with coaster brakes/pedal brake hubs because at that time they were the predominant style of bike in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway – these countries all used this coaster brake/pedal brake system only. The sit-up-and-beg style bicycles have recently increased in popularity all over the world; however, these markets are not used to coaster brakes/pedal brakes. Therefore the Dutch style bicycle has evolved to also include freewheel internal gear hubs with drum or roller brake systems. Since Velorbis caters for all markets, we have decided to offer our range of bicycles with both brake system options.

Lightweight bicycle
Traditional classic style commuter electric bicycles tend to be heavier than carbon ebikes, racer bikes mountain ebikes, etc. We have produced our traditionally lugged and brazed hand built frames from the highest quality Chromoly steel, rather than using the traditional and heavier hi-ten steel frames you find on other steel bicycles today. These initiatives, therefore, reduce the overall weight of our bicycles to stunning 25,0 kgs making them a perfect fit for navigating through traffic jams, lifting on and off trains or down steps, etc.

Kopenhagen Classic LADIES custom made to order

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