Some women want to be ahead of the pack, going a little bit faster than the others.  If that’s you then maybe a Velorbis Vintage Racer could be just the thing.  Then you can get your head down and really power ahead, full in the knowledge that those left in your wake will not only be impressed by your speed but also by how stylish your bike looked as you shot by.  Superb quality, beautiful retro design and perfect ergonomics – they all come together to make our women’s racer bikes absolute winners.

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Not only are these probably the world’s most attractive retro racing bikes, they can be pretty much designed exactly as you want them.  As our bikes are hand built to order, you can be part of the creative process and pick and choose everything from frame size to accessories.  Do you have a favourite colour?  You’re bound to find it amongst our 200+ options (including metallics like chrome and copper) and you can mix and match to really make your bike something that stands out in the crowd.  What about the saddle?  You can choose a Brooks leather version or one made in fabric.  The ultra thin tyres can be in black, cream or brown too.  And if you want to go even faster or further, there is even an option to add an electric motor with a battery discretely hidden away (we won’t tell anyone if you don’t!).


Our women’s racer bikes might have a very appealing vintage look but they are not backwards when it comes to design.  Hand made in Germany, the super fine frame and tyres give you a featherlite advantage over older heavier racers and the most up-to-date external gears from Shimano with their classic metal gear shifters are as beautiful to look as they are efficient in getting you to the front of the pack.


We are guessing that if you are a regular cyclist then you already care about the environment – after all you are doing your bit to reduce petrol usage whilst also keeping fit and healthy.  But you can rest assured that we are doing our bit too.  All our production is kept nearby in Germany so the carbon footprint of our bikes is significantly less than mass produced options that are transported from the other side of the world.  Also, each one of our bikes is hand made by a traditional method called socket-assembly.  This means it that sockets and tubes are soldered together by craftsmen who use time, experience and skill to produce something that is stronger and of better quality than cheaper bikes.  The average life of a Velorbis women’s racer is between 10 and 15 years – well over double that of mass produced frames.  So less waste and less environmental damage – something that you can be proud of.

How about using our Design Your Bike tool now to build your own dream racer?