Of course your bike can be your trusty means of doing the daily commute or to get around the city and a fun way to keep fit and healthy at the weekends but for many it is also a work tool, used to transport or deliver things from one place to another.  For this you need a bike that is comfortable, easy to ride, reliable and with the means to carry what needs carrying.  Look no further!  Velorbis has a range of women’s delivery bikes that will match your needs exactly – and in the most eye-catching and stylish way to boot!  Based on cargo cycles that have been a feature of the Copenhagen cityscape for the past hundred years, our bikes have a retro charm but with totally modern technology and know-how that make them the perfect (and environmentally responsible) way to do business.


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23.400,00 DKK25.650,00 DKK
23.400,00 DKK25.650,00 DKK
10.900,00 DKK13.150,00 DKK
9.000,00 DKK11.250,00 DKK
21.900,00 DKK24.150,00 DKK
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21.900,00 DKK24.150,00 DKK
21.900,00 DKK24.150,00 DKK
22.200,00 DKK24.450,00 DKK